SHARRI – From the Balkans to the world

The Šar Planina (Macedonian and Serbian Шар планина Šar planina, Albanian Malet e Sharrit, also Mali i Sharrit or Sharr) is a mountain range that stretches between Kosovo and northern Macedonia and reaches heights of over 2700 meters. The name Sharri comes from the mountain range. Sharri is very popular as a cheese in this area as well as in the rest of the Balkans. Cows and sheep are herded by the Sarplaninac dog breed, which comes from Macedonia and Serbia. There is only one term that combines the Balkans and good dairy products, Sharri.



JOGURTDRINK Nach Balkan-Art 1 L
SHARRI yOGURTDRINK  Balkan-style  1 L






SHARRI Ayran refreshing drink 330 ml



SHARRI Soft cheese in brine 50% Fdm 800 g



SHARRI white cheese 60% fdm 800 g



SHARRI white cheese 45% fdm 800 g



SHARRI yogurt Süzme 10% firm1 KG



SHARRI goat cheese in brine 750g



SHARRI Kajmak double-layer cream cheese 250 g



SHARRI KASHKAVAL semi-hard cheese 45% Fdm 350 g



DJAth sharri semi-hard cheese in brine 35% fdm 1500 g