Pancakes (Palatschinken)

Traditionally, pancakes (Palatschinken) and omelets were also served as a main dish on fasting days. The name pancake (Palatschinken) is derived from the Latin “placenta” (cake). The word came to Vienna via Romanian “placinta”, Hungarian “palatsinta” and Slavic “palatsinka”.

Our pancakes with apricots and chocolate-nut filling (also known as crèpes) are ready-to-use frozen egg dishes made from flour, milk and eggs, which can be prepared quickly and easily for breakfast, dessert, dinner or simply as a snack in the microwave in a few minutes .

These fine crepes are popular with all age groups. Only natural raw materials of the highest quality are used. The eggs used all come from certified free-range farms. These frozen delicacies are available from Maestral in various variations.

We wish you enjoyment, fun and joie de vivre.