Bonfine Easy Chicken Classic was launched at Maestral under the motto “light and fast cuisine” and has lived up to its name ever since. With this gently cooked, unseasoned chicken breast, you can conjure up delicious menu creations on your plate in no time. Whether as an addition to pasta sauce, a filling for Dona Dürüm or pita bread, you decide where the journey of taste will go. Also very suitable as an ingredient for salads and fitness recipes.

Corned beef  is shredded, pickled beef cooked in its own juice. The cooking juice gels it into a solid block. Long-fiber muscle meat such as B. Brisket. Corned beef is mainly produced in Argentina and Brazil. Corned beef cans often have a rectangular shape with rounded corners. They can usually be opened with an attached key-shaped tool, with which a narrow, pre-stamped strip of the can metal can be wound up. The cured beef is served cold or warm. In Ireland it is traditionally eaten warm with cabbage and is also a traditional festive meal on St. Patrick’s Day in New England. Although it is a simple everyday meal, corned beef and cabbage was on the menu of many American grand hotels in the 19th century. The (freshly cured) meat still has a status as a delicacy as an important component of the Reuben sandwich. In Germany, canned “German corned beef” or “Kraftfleisch” is offered, which consists of chopped and heated beef in aspic. To achieve cut resistance, gelatin may be added. “German Corned Beef” is also offered as a cold cuts. Real corned beef is part of the north German specialty Labskaus.







The Bonfine chicken sausage made from poultry is popular with young and old, it is natural, healthy and good.